Guyana Civil Aviation Authority

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AVSEC Incident Report Form

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority should be notified of any aviation security related incidents as soon as possible. Reports can be made either (a) orally, or (b) using the following form within 24 hours.

Note: All fields marked with an * are mandatory.

1. Incident details

2. Type of incident

Please choose a category of the incident from the list below which best describes the incident you are reporting. For incidents that fall outside of the categories listed below, please nominate “other” and provide a brief description.

Damage or technical failure of security equipmentProhibited item or weapon discovered in security restricted areaAssociation with a terrorist or criminal groupBreach of standard operating proceduresUnauthorized accessDisruptive passengerBomb threatSuspicious person or itemUnscreened accessThreat utteredSuspicious activityOther, please state :
3. Assessment of incident

If the incident was a threat, please provide the following information:


Airport OperatorAirlineOther, please state :

SuccessfulUnsuccessfulNot attempted
4. Aircraft information

Did the incident involve an aircraft?

No, proceed to Section 5Yes, complete this section

5. Incident description

Please provide details of the incident and actions/events leading up to the incident.

6. Upload attachments (if available)



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