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GNCASSCP Overview (Restricted Document)


The Guyana National Civil Aviation Security Screener Certification Programme provides information and guidance on the development and implementation of a Screener’s certification programme for which all personnel employed as Screeners at airports in Guyana must be subjected to. This policy document (programme) will allow for the recruitment, training and evaluation of security personnel prior to being assigned screening functions. This document is considered an extension of the NCASP and has been given such force in Section XI of NCASP. The objective of the National Aviation Security Screeners Certification Programme (GNASSCP) is to outline the process for conducting formal evaluations and confirmation, by or on behalf of the GCAA, to ensure that a person possesses the necessary competencies to perform assigned functions to an acceptable level as defined by the GCAA.

The Guyana National Civil Aviation Security Screener Certification Programme has been developed in compliance with the Guyana National Civil Aviation Security Programme. This Programme sets out the process for conducting formal evaluations and confirmation, provides the parameters to be applied during the selection, hiring, training and competency testing/evaluations of any person(s) assigned responsibility for screening. It also outlines the process for job performance evaluations for any person assigned responsibility for screening, supervision or management of Screeners, as well as career development guidance.

During the development of this programme, close co-ordination and consultation has been maintained with the relevant organizations with responsibilities in aviation security and national security. This Programme is classified “Restricted” and should not be reproduced either as a whole or in part nor distributed or its contents disclosed to organizations and/or persons other than those duly authorized by the Director General of GCAA who is responsible for its development, implementation and maintenance.


Overview of “Procedures Document for Passenger Screening and Baggage Reconciliation”(Restricted Document)


The Procedures Document for Passenger Screening and Baggage Reconciliation provides information and guidance concerning an acceptable means of compliance with the Aviation (Security) Regulations 2004 and the National Civil Aviation Security Programme (NCASP). It is considered as a subsidiary document to complement the purpose of or becoming part of the NCASP. Its objective is to highlight the policies and procedures that concerns Passenger Screening and Baggage Reconciliation for all Domestic Operations.


The document also aims at giving legal recognition to the standards and recommended practices contained in International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Annex 17, all of which are necessary to safeguard commercial civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference perpetrated on the ground or in flight. All domestic aircraft operators and all domestic aerodromes are required to comply with this document. Copies of this document ought to be only accessible to persons on a “need to know” basis and can only be obtained from the GCAA.

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